Picture Gallery from Roundtrip through the Western USA published

Olmstedt Point
This picture gallery is a selection of pictures from our 26-day tour in the Western USA through the states of California, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah and Nevada in August and September last year. We did an amazing round trip of 5265 miles (8473 km) starting and ending in Los Angeles and visited 17 national and state parks, national monuments and other landmarks.

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New picture and panorama galleries from Iceland and East Greenland added

Tændere ("the teeth") mountain range near Kap Stevenson
These picture and panorama galleries are a selection from our three week-tour to Iceland and East Greenland in August and September last year. After we had circled Iceland by car already in 2010 we concentrated this time on some of the areas we had to skip like the highlands around Kerlingarfjöll and Landmannalaugar. Of course we rediscovered a lot of Iceland’s highlights including its geysers, waterfalls and glaciers. too.

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Photospheres of the ESO Paranal Observatory

Sunset at the ESO Paranal ObservatoryHave a look at some recent photospheres (360 degree x 180 degree panoramas) of the ESO Paranal Observatory featuring the Very Large Telescope (VLT) at day and night. In particular, don’t miss to have a look around the winter sky with the Milkyway stretching across the firmament at the beginning of the night. The heart of the Observatory are the four 8.2-m Unit Telescopes (UTs). The photosphere of UT1 ‘Antu’ (the Sun in native Mapuche language) allows you to look around inside the telescope enclosure from the gallery on the level of the main 8.2-m mirror.

All photospheres have a resolution of 170 mega pixels and allow to look in all directions and to zoom in to 100% magnification. Don’t miss to look up to the zenith and down to the nadir, best in full-screen mode.