Puma tracking in Torres del Paine


After more than 25 years of travelling in Chile and not having seen a single puma, we decided to join a puma-tracking expedition in the Torres del Paine National Park and the adjacent Estancia Goic in the Chilean Patagonia known to host the largest population of pumas in South America.

The tour was organised by NatPhoto and our expert guides Rodrigo and Diego tirelessly scanned the vast territory for signs of pumas from dawn till dusk for a total of four days. Our efforts were rewarded by the sighting and tracking of 11 different pumas including a mother with her four cubs and a young male. The calm, relaxed and respectful setting allowed for several extensive and intense encounters with these beautiful animals that also resulted in some spectacular photos.

Enjoy the pictures and the panoramas from this expedition! You can further follow our search tracks and locations of puma sightings in the following map:

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