New picture gallery from the Island of Chiloé released

Caleta Inío, Parque TantaucoHere comes the picture gallery from our Xmas/New Year tour to the Island of Chiloé in the South of Chile. After a few days in the northern part of the island where we strolled the beaches looking for fossilised dinosaur poop, we visited in particular the Tantauco park which extends over 118,000 hectares in the southernmost part of the island.

We first explored the northern entrance of the park around the Chaiguata lake and then traveled by boat from Quellón to the little village Inío located at the southern tip of the Island of Chiloé. Inío is an excellent starting point to explore the Tantauco park through extended hikes through the beautiful untouched forest and coastal areas. Another highlight was a boat trip up the Inío river into the inner part of the park. And: No, we did not do the 50km hike from north to south; and No, we did not see any Pudus.

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