Hike to the top of Cerro El Roble

Colourful leaves of the Roble Beech Tree (Nothofagus obliqua) Last weekend we did a beautiful hike to the top of Cerro El Roble, with 2222m the highest peak in the coastal mountains near Santiago de Chile. We started our hike at 1650m – just above the clouds with the first spectacular panoramic views to the West to the Pacific ocean and to Cerro La Campana sticking its peak through the clouds.  To the East we could see at the horizon over a sea of clouds the Andes mountain range with its highest peak,  the Aconcagua (6960m). The easy trail climbs up to Cerro El Roble and passes through the northernmost forest of Roble Beech trees (Nothofagus obliqua) which were still beautifully late-autumn coloured. The climb to the top was then rewarded by most impressive panoramic sights from the El Roble mountain.

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