Visit to Conguillío National Park

Tolhuaca cabin

The Conguillío National Park is one of our favourites in Chile. We have been visiting it many times, the last time just after New Year this year. We stayed again at the Sendas Lodge Conguillío – this time in the Tolhuaca cabin beautifully located in the middle of an Araucaria forest.

On the top of our list of planned activities for this visit was the hike to the main Mirador of the Sierra Nevada trail overlooking the Araucaria forests and the Conguillío lake and with the Llaima volcano as backdrop. The forecast predicted the best weather for the morning after our arrival and clouds and rain for the afternoon and the days after. So we started early next morning enjoying the perfect weather with blue skies and pleasant temperatures. The views on this beautiful hike and from the Mirardor at the end were as spectacular as we had hoped for. We concluded that the Sierra Nevada trail is one of the most spectacular hikes in Chile that we know.

In the following days the weather indeed became worse but we could still explore the surroundings of our cabin with smaller hikes between rain showers. We also tried to observe Magellanic Woodpeckers near the Captrén lagoon where we had spotted several groups during our last visit. But no luck this time: not a single bird showed over several hours.

After five relaxing days in the park we had to return home but for sure will come back to our favourite park in Chile.

Enjoy the pictures and follow our hikes on this map:

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